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Cuozzo Likes Wakiya; Bruni, Platt Agree on Rayuela

Steve Cuozzo bucks the early bad buzz on Wakiya, praising the place but cautioning that the chef will only be around one week a month. [NYP]
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Alan Richman submits a rare rave review for Soto, saying of its hot dishes “not one was less than wonderful. This is cooked food on a par with the most ingenious in New York.” Soto-san has to be pretty happy with that. [Bloomberg]

Restaurant Girl’s debut in the Daily News takes the form of a mixed review on Gemma: She liked the branzino and the atmosphere, the other dishes not so much. Nothing in the write-up suggests that they were unduly influenced by knowing who she was. [NYDN]
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Frank Bruni joins Adam Platt in giving Rayuela one star, mostly as a result of some “recklessly busy” dishes. There’s no denying the style of the room, though, or the merits of Junior Merino’s cocktail program. [NYT]

In the Sun, Paul Adams also hits Rayuela but seems to like the food a good bit more than Bruni or Moira Hodgson. Which is odd, given that he’s usually much more about the food than the room, service, etc. [NYS]

Peter Meehan goes to Setagaya with the intent of sidestepping the whole ramen rigmarole, but what does that leave him with? A bowl of noodle soup. We’ve read more exciting reviews, let’s put it that way. [NYT]
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Cuozzo Likes Wakiya; Bruni, Platt Agree on Rayuela