Coquette: The South Philly French Invasion Continues

Rick Nichols stepped into the Inquirer’s restaurant review shoes this week with a look at Coquette. The South Street area bistro is praised for its good, affordable food:

The point is that Coquette may be just what the neighborhood was lacking, with its honest salads (at $7, the Lyonnaise a light meal in itself), juicy boudin blanc (at $9, a nice plate of juicy white sausage served over warm lentils and mustard-braised lettuce), beautifully seasoned (but non-French!) yellow-tomato gazpacho, and mostly-under-$20 entrees - a decent steak frites, flavorful roasted chicken and light monkfish.

However, Nichols takes a few potshots at readers of who are a “tight cadre of folks eager to show off their knowledge of proper French.” What’s so wrong with that? If you’re going to write your menu in a foreign language, shouldn’t it be typo-free? But that’s just us.

Also recommended at Coquette: Slow-cooked Portugese pork with clams.

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[Image via Inquirer]

Coquette: The South Philly French Invasion Continues