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Comedian Eugene Mirman Starts His Days With Soup

“I had a barbecue. We watchedhaha Photo: Melissa Hom

You’ve probably seen self-described absurdist nightclub comedian Eugene Mirman in Flight of the Conchords, opening for bands like Modest Mouse, or in hilarious online shorts like the one in which he plays a mustached Russian émigré having his first, ill-fated encounter with vegetable wonton soup. In actuality, Mirman has for several years lived and dined in Park Slope — where he’s at work on a book of fake advice, The Will to Whatevs, and a documentary about returning to his birthplace, Russia — and he’s such a fan of soups that he fixes them for breakfast. As he gears up to record a Comedy Central special that will air in the winter, we asked him what else he’s been noshing on.

Thursday, August 10
I ate the leftovers from Wednesday’s barbecue — trout and some shrimp and vegetables.

During a brainstorming meeting at 2036 — a new Website that’s going to be launched by the Huffington Post — someone brought me a turkey sandwich.

Wednesday, August 9
I had some leftovers from Westville on 11th and A which included some of the stuff my girlfriend had — beets, artichoke, and cauliflower and peas that had something done to them (I don’t know what) that made them good. It was great — I stole all of her food.

For lunch I had a tofu-curry dish that also included leftovers from somewhere where she had gotten food. So I ate all of her food.

That night I grilled trout and shrimp and vegetables and stuff. I buy grilling contraptions that aren’t really necessary, for instance a skewer rack or a rib rack. I grill twice a week, plus or minus.

Tuesday, August 8
I made some eggs with salmon and mushrooms. For lunch I had a portabella-mushroom sandwich from a little deli in front of the Lowe’s hardware store.

I had a meeting in the city, then I met my girlfriend who was freelancing at The Onion in Soho and we walked around a lot and ended up at Westville. It was good. I had carrot-apple purée soup, and then I had a large mango, cucumber, watercress salad. It’s the most full I’ve ever felt on watercress.

Then I went to B-Side where I D.J.-ed. I played really sweet indie rock and classic rock. I like Scotch a lot so I had some Scotch and Jack and Coke.

Monday, August 7
I had a vegetable soup. I make soups for breakfast a lot. I would vote for soup if it ran for something. My favorite is the spicy seafood soup frequently found in Japanese restaurants.

For lunch I made a stir-fry with vegetables and salmon. And then for dinner I ordered from Yamato. About five or six years ago there were only one or two good Japanese places in Park Slope — I used to order lunch from there all the time. It’s still one of my favorites and very reasonably priced.

Sunday, August 6
For breakfast I had some barbecue stuff left over from the night before. For lunch I went to Nana, a place in Park Slope that serves Thai and Japanese. I love Asian food. They have a miso soup that has clam in it. I had a roti canai and butter crispy Ipoh squid, and then tuna tartare.

I went to a place in the Columbia Waterfront District, Alma. It has an awesome rooftop with a great view. I had a red snapper with a spicy mango sauce over spinach, and a mango mojito.

Saturday, August 5
For breakfast I made a soup with vegetables and spices. I like savory things.

I was going to Carl Newman of the New Pornographers’ wedding at Union Hall. Some friends had reserved it to have a nice wedding reception that I emceed. I had some salmon and salad and potatoes au gratin.

For dinner that night I had a barbecue for a handful of friends and then we watched Beverly Hills Cop on my roof (I have a video projector). I grilled trout, shrimp, vegetables, turkey tenderloin, corn, and potatoes. I mostly grill fish and vegetables, and people bring stuff. I guess ribs would be my guilty pleasure. I’ve been trying to eat better in general. I’ve succeeded for maybe a month or so — I’m sure I’ll give up in three weeks. That’s not totally true.

Comedian Eugene Mirman Starts His Days With Soup