Closings: Yak-Zies On Diversey &

From The Stew, we found out that Yak-Zies Bar & Grill is closing under somewhat mysterious circumstances. At least, they struck us as mysterious: “General manager Jeff Olsen says he couldn’t comment on the closing for legal reasons. He’d only say: ‘I’d love to thank them very much for their patronage. Have a nice day.’” No one who says “have a nice day,” in our experience, actually means it. Good news: the other Yak-Zies at 3710 N Clark remains open for business. It will be on the site in the morning.

Meanwhile, Michael Morowitz has decided to retire from EatChicago, one of the earliest Chicago food blogs. (This also means that the blog is done.) Before you get too choked up, consider that you can still glean Mr. Morowitz’s opinions on the Chicago dining scene via LTHForum under the handle “eatchicago”. Thank you for paving the way!

Yak-Zies on Diversey closes [The Stew]

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Closings: Yak-Zies On Diversey &