Closing!: Baccala

Looks like an actual reporter did some actual reporting - Mike Sula found out from the man himself (Bubala) that Baccala is closing this Saturday. Apparently, Bubala wrote (as an explanation for the restaurant’s failure to attract a steady clientele), “It seemed like the majority of the customers were really looking for meatballs and red sauce, eggplant parmesan, and fried calamari.” Ouch!

Although to be fair, there are a lot of restaurants that serve pork belly and enough non-conventional Italian places to problematize that assertion - maybe people just weren’t ready for the intersection thereof?

We think both the fatty meat and the regional Italian crazes still have a lot of life in them, if not, apparently, in the form of Baccala. Keep on trying, Mr. Bubala!

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Closing!: Baccala