Clip Of The Day: 90 Point Wines Under $15

This is Gary Vaynerchuk. He has been making “wine webisodes” at Wine Library TV for over a year now.

Though the Jersey native has a little bit of Guy Fieri in him, from the jock overtones right down to the single wristband, a more suitable comparison might be Emeril. Like the Food Network pioneer, Gary brings that palatable excitement and hyperbole as well, not mention an abrasive, possibly polarizing style.

Despite what you may think of his shock jock tendencies, there’s no denying that he knows his stuff. His intricate and original descriptions of the wines’ aromatics and bouquets are downright fascinating, and he’s definitely going into uncharted territory by trying to make wine more accessible to the masses. With the recent commercialization and growing popularity of gourmet food in the media world, there must be a market for wine as well. Will his success spur the Food Network–or another network–to embark on a wine-centric show that appeals to the common man?

In the meantime, if you fancy yourself a wine person (or an aspiring one) we’d recommend checking out his site regularly. You are sure to learn something. If nothing else, his love for wine might rub off on you, or maybe after a couple minutes, you’ll start a petition asking Gary to switch to decaf. Either way.

90 Point Wines Under 15 Bones - Episode #286 [Wine Library TV]


Clip Of The Day: 90 Point Wines Under $15