Chops Vs. LaBan: The Article

Philadelphia magazine’s long awaited piece on Craig LaBan and the Chops libel lawsuit is finally online. An interesting read (and, yes, you can see exactly what LaBan looks like), but the money quote comes from ex-Daily News editor Zack Stalberg:

“I don’t know Craig,” says Zack Stalberg, president and CEO of the Committee of Seventy and former editor of the Daily News, “but he seems like a guy who takes himself too fucking seriously. It’s the disguises that I think are over-the-top, and I have to believe the people in that business know what that guy looks like, so I think it’s just a gimmick.”

With all that said, we sympathize for Craig. A libel lawsuit? Over steak?? It’s a crazy world, kids.

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[Image via Philadelphia magazine]


Chops Vs. LaBan: The Article