Cheesesteakgate Gets Interesting

The Rick’s Steaks/Reading Terminal Market brawl just got a lot more fun. Over at Philebrity, Joe Sweeney took a break from being snarky about indie rock to report that things are all sorts of messed up. In short:

Tony Luke’s never signed a lease with RTM. All they did was sign a letter of intent to review a lease agreement…
RTM never informed Tony Luke’s they would be displacing Rick’s. Keep in mind Tony Luke’s and Rick’s have stood side by side at Citizens Bank Park without complaint.
Reports indicate DA Lynne Abraham will be bought in to mediate.

As we type this, Rick Olivieri is refusing to leave Reading Terminal; management has announced plans to start eviction proceedings. Fun stuff, people.

Tony Luke Does Not Have A Lease For The Reading Terminal [Philebrity]


Cheesesteakgate Gets Interesting