Celebrity Chefs Collide At Jack Falstaff Benefit

This Sunday marks San Francisco’s tentative step into the world of celebrity chefdom as Jack Falstaff hosts the Cook-Off For Afterschool, a food and wine show with a feature event called (say it with us in your best action movie voiceover voice) … Ultimate Chef Challenges!

The “chef challenges” are two 30-minute competitions that pit some of the industry’s biggest names against each other in fun and whimsy ways.

The first contest will pit mankind versus their ancient rival, womankind: Elizabeth Faulkner (Citizen Cake) and Christine Mullen (CAV Wine Bar) will “throw down” (Thanks Bobby) against Joseph Manzare (Zuppa et al.) and Hiro Sone (Ame). Who has the edge? We’d have to go with the laaadies 

The main event begs you to “see what happens when the cameras aren’t rolling!” We don’t quite get what that means, but it has something to do with television chefs going up against restaurant chefs: Tyler Florence (Food Network) and Joey Altman (KRON} take on Craig Stoll (Delfina ) and Beard Award nominee Nate Appleman (A16). If Stoll and Appleman blow this one, then our faith in two of the best Italian restaurants in the city country will be shaken. (…though we will undoubtedly continue to frequent them)

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Celebrity Chefs Collide At Jack Falstaff Benefit