Boy ‘Linked’ To Sausage Assault

Across the pond, a 12-year old south Manchester boy has been accused of throwing a sausage at an old man. (Talk about a banger!) Unfortunately, the 74-year-old victim thought he had been hit with a rock and called the police. The police, already investigating a series of hooligan-related incidents in the area, arrested the preteen and charged him with assault:

[The accused boy] denied the charge in a hearing at a Manchester Youth Court, where the judge questioned the decision to prosecute.Greater Manchester Police and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) are now reviewing the case, which the boy’s mother described as an “utter joke”.She told the BBC: “They came to arrest him in my house, they took him into a police van. They took him to Elizabeth Slinger [police station], put him in a cell, took his photographs, his fingerprints, then interviewed him.”And then they decided to charge him with common assault - with a sausage.

It’s worth noting that the police department defended their actions, because the boy had been involved in two separate earlier incidents. Thus, processing the little “brat” on the third occasion was the pigs’ only option. Clearly, the youth’s record is pepperoni’ed with bad behavior, so perhaps his traumatic arrest will scare him straight.

After all, it was one of the wurst experiences of his life.

Boy is accused of sausage assault [BBC]

Boy ‘Linked’ To Sausage Assault