Boston Restaurants Giveth And Boston Restaurants Taketh Away

We have more Hub restaurant news (openings! closings! name changes!) than we can shake a stick at today, so let’s get right into it, shall we?

Craigslist brings us news of Stix, a new restaurant from the team behind 33 Restaurant & Lounge. No word on what the restaurant will entail and Google turns up exactly nothing, but the ad does state that employees will “deliver the lastest concepts to Boston’s night life.” Intriguing!
•The Harvard Square branch of Wagamama opens in the funny little Galleria on JFK Street on August 13. Cantabridgian ramen lovers, start your countdowns!

•In a true tragedy for Boston’s fashionistas and people-watching enthusiasts, the venerable Newbury Street institution of the Armani Cafe will close its doors on August 26. Chowhounders think the retail space will be closing as well, forcing Bostonian fans of the brand to head farther down Newbury to Giorgio Armani or to Copley Place for Armani Exchange.
•Again with the Chowhound! This time, they’re breaking the news that Wisteria House will be shuttering on Saturday. All is not lost for Wisteria House fans, however, as the same ‘hounder writes that two new locations will soon be sprouting up: one in Cambridge and one in Packard’s Corner at the Super 88 food court.
Chowhound also reported that the West Street Grill was no longer, but, fortunately, that turns out to be not entirely accurate. The Grill is currently shuttered, but a call to the restaurant revealed that it is merely closed for renovations, although, since the plans haven’t yet been approved by the necessary bureaucrats, it looks like it will be out of service for some time.

New Information
•That as-yet-unnamed South End venture from Joanne Chang and Christopher Myers? Turns out it’s called Myers+Chang.
Gaslight finally has an opening day set (at least, according to unsubstantiated rumors). You can get your Harrison Ave bistro fix starting August 23.

[Photo: Flickr: M. Koy]

Boston Restaurants Giveth And Boston Restaurants Taketh Away