Boston Market Has Very Little To Do With Boston

Yesterday, we learned that McDonald’s has sold off Boston Market. Our thoughts upon hearing this news were threefold:

1) McDonald’s owns Boston Market?
2) Remember when it was called Boston Chicken?
3) Hey, why is it called Boston Market anyways? We’re pretty sure we’d know if it was headquartered in the Hub.

We did a little investigating into the third matter. According to the company’s site, it turns out that the first Boston Chicken opened in Newton in 1985. Less than ten years later, the company up and moved its headquarters to Golden, Colorado, an evocatively named town of under 18,000 outside of Denver that is also home to the Coors Brewery and the Colorado School of Mines. In 1995, Boston Chicken became Boston Market, ostensibly to “reflect the addition of ham, turkey and meat loaf” to the menu. In 2000, the company was purchased by McDonald’s. We think the Boston Market (nee Chicken) story is kind of a fascinating example of expansion. Within fifteen years, it went from one little shop in Newton to a nationwide chain owned by a global behemoth. It makes us wonder if, two decades from now, people across the country will be popping into The Upper Crust or Anna’s Taqueria for a quick bite.

What do you think? Will another Boston-based fast food chain go local?

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Boston Market Has Very Little To Do With Boston