Blog Roundup: The California Rivalry Is Alive, Healthy

• Food blog fight! Food blog fight! Los Angeles, still apparently stinging from Michael Bauer’s opinion-laced article about their restaurants, found some faults with Bauer’s definition of “esoteric ingredients.” Your move, Signore Bauer. [The Grinder]

• Meanwhile, on the original glossary-like post on the Bauer Blog, no one really cares, despite a commenter’s attempt to create a ruckus. (And we have to side with the non-plussed crowd, aka San Francisco.) [Between Meals]

• The 20th Anniversary shindig at Toronado was quite the specialty beer-laced party. Bonus: they will continue to serve the anniversary ales until they run out, so we recommend stopping by this week. [SFist]

• Lol Tun Restaurant in the Mission: mediocre tacos, subpar burritos but ample, ample amounts of heroin. And by ample, we mean $170,000 worth. Heavens. [SFist]

• Raw milk has been in the news a lot lately, hasn’t it? [Chez Pim]

• In the video below, Domino’s presents the Oreo Pizza and the Oreo Pizza Mustache. See, you get the mustache because there are just so many Oreos on the pizza. And you thought Domino’s was gross! [Slashfood]

Blog Roundup: The California Rivalry Is Alive, Healthy