Blog Roundup: Korean BBQ Truck Found

• That elusive Korean BBQ truck that the Chowhounds were looking for? Bunrabs found it. [Daily Feed]

Taylor’s Automatic Refresher in Helena is getting a lot of votes as one of the best burgers in the entire country. [A Hamburger Today]

• Contests are always fun, especially those that involve words like “Chocolate Adventure Recipes.” [Bay Area Bites]

• This week’s sign of the apocalypse: an Italian nutritionist has created an “anti-wrinkle” pizza. [Slice]

• One of the main downfalls of food blogs is their penchant for releasing reviews after a mere single visit. On the other hand, newspaper reviewers often go at least three times. [Amateur Gourmet]

• This week in the Eatsdropper: “Your tag-li-a-tell” [Hedonia]

Blog Roundup: Korean BBQ Truck Found