Blog Roundup: Friday Edition

• Here’s all the information for what will probably be one of San Francisco’s top culinary events of the year: “Women Chefs of San Francisco Celebrating 20 Years of James Beard.” [Jalapeno Girl]

• Even though “Ratatouille” may have struggled at the box office, it was a hit among the critics and food industry alike. Plus, it sparked a new trend: kids and food. [The Grinder]

• A tea gadget worth buying. [Chez Pim]

• Hotel dining: you can’t stop it, you can only hope to contain it. [Between Meals]

• Which Napa winery has “the most pleasing aesthetics”? [2cents]

• San Francisco’s finest “Irish Pubs for Heavy Drinking.” [Gridskipper SF]

• Some buzz about the Amateur Gourmet’s upcoming book. Yay bloggers! [Amateur Gourmet]

Blog Roundup: Friday Edition