Blog Reviews: Week Of Violent Thunderstorms

Chicago’s intrepid food bloggers were all over the damn place last week, in alphabetical order by restaurant

• So far, the reactions to Bluebird Bistro has been fairly positive, with reviewers enjoying the low key atmosphere and reasonably priced food and drink [Food Chain]

• Perennial brunch hot spot The Bongo Room may have plenty of sweet dishes to satisfy a small child, but the long lines and lack of space make this a poor choice for Junior [Chicagoist]

• In the theater district, Custom House turned out a decent prix fixe, although the seafood this reviewer got was not the restaurant’s strong point [Chicago Foodies]

• A new River North coffee shop, Cyberia Cafe, serves Intelligentsia coffee and wireless internet [Drive-Thru]

• If you can avoid the douchebaggy clientèle, English has some decent drinks and a rather enjoyable British rendition of French fries [Chicagoist]

• Pretty good North Side Chinese food at Friendship Chinese Restaurant is pricey but not greasy [Chicagoist]

• A flight of city-specific hot dogs is available at Jake Melnick’s Corner Tap (the Chicago version is said to be the best, shockingly) [The Stew]

• An epically unhealthy salad and completely delicious at La Tache comes with lardons and a poached egg, and is served over frites! [Nibble & Kibble]

• Homaru Cantu continues to knock it out of the park at Moto, which was recently serving 16-hour octopus and baked beans in the form of cold noodles. The menu tasted like corn chowder

• While Uptown Vietnamese diner Pho Hoa specializes in its namesake pho, the BBQ ribs are not to be missed [Big Sweet Tooth]

• Great fries and Polishes at 24HR Susie’s Drive Thru in Irving Park, but the burgers are white-bread pedestrian [Chicago Burger Project]

• Beverly institution Top Notch Beefburger is frequently named among the best burger joints in Chicago, and this review does not disagree with that assessment [Chicagoist]

[Photo: taken last week near Logan Square by eight double/flickr]

Blog Reviews: Week Of Violent Thunderstorms