Blog Reviews: Week Of Lollapalooza & YearlyKos

Chicago’s intrepid food bloggers were all over the damn place last week, in alphabetical order by restaurant

• Finally-opened Milk & Honey Bake Shop does savory as well as, if not better, than sweet
[TOC Blog]

• New Turkish restaurant Nazarlik impresses so far, especially the lamacun and cig kofte [Food Chain]

• If you like Eastern European food by the pound, check out Racine Bakery in Garfield Ridge. Also, sandwiches to order!

• Fantastic food (especially the Kobe burgers) at Sweets & Savories, one of the city’s least known high-end restaurants [Chicagoist]

• Hot new homey American restaurant Table Fifty-Two, run by Oprah’s personal chef, is already impressing Chicago’s food writers [The Stew]

• Fab burger at Twisted Spoke only slightly marred by less-awesome-than-advertised Bloody Mary [Chicago Burger Project]

[Photos: YearlyKos & Lollapalooza. Note that the former is not sponsored by a telcom]

Blog Reviews: Week Of Lollapalooza & YearlyKos