Biggie Sized Bigotry At Wendy’s!

San Francisco houses many a conundrum.

Whatever happened to the Zodiac Killer?

Why do tourists insist on Fisherman’s Wharf?

Exactly what gel does Gavin use?

And, chief among the myriad mysteries is the puzzling absence of Wendy’s outposts in the city. The dearth of the burger chain has been magnified lately with the advent of the Baconator (already covered by our sister sites): six slices of bacon heaped over mounds of two square patties of beefy goodness.

It’s with all this in mind that the always-excellent folks at SFist discovered the NAARP (National Association for the Advancement of Redhaired People). They don’t appreciate the racist overtones of the pigtailed, fair-haired, freckled Wendy’s logo; furthermore, they plan to let everyone know about the pigment-challenged prejudice of the superchain. Also, they’re an improv comedy troupe.

Baconator Hate: Wendy’s Protested By Evil Redheads [SFist]

Biggie Sized Bigotry At Wendy’s!