Bar Bambino: Home To Trendiness, Carbs And Deliciousness

As Michael Bauer points out in his Sunday review, for a successful wine bar in the Mission, Bar Bambino is a bit different from your average trendy wine bar:

Some hot restaurants defy logic. While location seems to be crucial in the success - and failure - of many places, there are exceptions. Sometimes when the place is obscure, the location’s negative becomes a positive.At least that’s the best way I can explain the runaway success of the tiny Bar Bambino, in the Mission on 16th Street between South Van Ness and Capp.

But not only is the location and atmosphere impressive; the food is good too. The simple, rustic menu boasts a wide range of house-made sausages, cheeses and bruschetta. Bauer’s favorite dishes, however, were the milk-braised pork shoulder (“with its fork-tender texture and robust flavor”) and the poached sausages ("about as rich as foie gras”). At the conclusion of the 2.5-star review, Bauer determines that the “sexy, speakeasy vibe” of Bar Bambino is not be missed. He even wonders if its rise will mark a renaissance for the otherwise dead strip of the Mission. After all, it’s only a matter of time before gentrification spreads to the entire Mission.

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[Photo courtesy: Flickr/San Fran Annie]

Bar Bambino: Home To Trendiness, Carbs And Deliciousness