Ask MenuPages: Where To Take The Kiddies In The South End

Dear MenuPages,
My sister, her husband, and their two kids (a four year old boy and an eight year old girl) are coming to stay with me in the South End. Where can we all go out to eat where the kids won’t be a nuisance (and can find something on the menu they’ll eat!) and the adults can still enjoy great food? Help! I don’t want to be stuck eating pizza all weekend!
-Josie, South End

We happen to adore children (we used to be a nanny), but, as far as fine dining goes, there’s a time and a place for the kidlets. In general, we advocate knowing your child. If your five year old has manners that would make Emily Post green with envy and loves offal the way other kindergarteners love chocolate milk, then, by all means, take them to an (early) dinner at Hamersley’s Bistro. If, however, your little one is a little more…basic in their culinary development, here are a few local restaurants you might want to check out.

•If we could live at flour bakery + cafe, we absolutely would. Children and adults alike will thrill to their upscale renditions of classic sandwiches (the BLT with applewood smoked bacon haunts our dreams) and everyone will enjoy finishing up the meal with one of their amazing pastries. The atmosphere is super informal, so even if the little ones get rowdy, it won’t be a huge deal.
•Kids enjoy anything that seems like breakfast for dinner, so the fried chicken and waffle meal at Bob’s Southern Bistro is sure to be a big hit. Grownups can get a little more adventurous and try the shrimp etoufee or the awesome glorifried chicken wings.
•If the small fry have been unusually well behaved during a long afternoon spent touring the South End’s many boutiques, treat them to a hot dog, followed by a Nutella panini from Code 10.
Joe V’s is one of the cutest restaurants in the already-adorable South End. Its low-key neighborhood vibe makes it perfect for families and, while the adults can indulge in the yoga pizza with mozzarella, shaved parmesan, mushrooms, baby arugula, and white truffle oil, picky kids can stick with linguine and meatballs.
•By night, the bar scene at Tremont 647 goes strong, but during Sunday brunch, it’s fun for the whole family. Choosy kids can scarf down buttermilk pancakes and fresh-squeezed OJ to their hearts’ content, while parents and aunts can accompany their crab Benedict with a nice mimosa or two.

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Ask MenuPages: Where To Take The Kiddies In The South End