Ack! Too Many Food Blogs!

Food blogs often get a bad rap from restaurateurs and newspaper folk alike, but for one David Hinckley, it’s not the actual food blogs themselves that are troubling, but the sheer abundance of them. It’s just too darn hard to get to them all:

And now we find that there are 48,000 food blogs out there, most of which I’ll bet are offering, yup, more recipes.We don’t need more recipes. We need to winnow down what we already have.In a sense, this is the general problem with the Internet. We get to make all our own choices, which is presented as an opportunity.In reality, it’s an illusion. If Google finds 1,245,000 results for your query, do you ever get past the third page, meaning at most you look at 25 or 30 of them?Those 48,000 food blogs are very likely saturated with delicious stuff. But I’ll never know. All I know is that I’ll never get to 47,970 of them, and because I love food, that makes me sad

Hinckley makes an excellent point about the “illusion” of the interwebs’ abundance of information. Given its rapid, unprecedented expansion, the evolution of the food blogosphere–not mention the entire blogworld–will be very, very interesting to behold over the next several years.

In a completely unrelated story, the Epicurious Blog will be reborn with a staff including Rick Bayless, Melissa Clark and more.

Feeling stuffed to the gills with food blogs [Daily News, via Grub Street]


Ack! Too Many Food Blogs!