And The Truth Comes Out: Baccala, One Last Time

Turns out, we spoke too soon and too late! Official confirmation of Baccala’s closing came on Monday in the form of Heather Shouse’s post on the TOC Blog. That means our report, above and beyond being entertaining and informative, was also out-of-date from the moment it was conceived! The repercussions of our ignorance of the TOC Blog post were exacerbated this morning when we linked to the Food Chain, incorrectly implying that they had been the first with definitive proof on the matter. Boy was our face red when we found out about our oversight!

An aside - oversight means:

1) An unintentional omission or mistake

2) Watchful care or management; supervision

So we could say…”our lack of oversight led to an oversight.” And it would be true, to boot.

At any rate, while this doesn’t have the historical profundity of, say, a Watergate, it was still worth sorting out the events and establishing a more accurate chronology of discovery and reporting. The most unfortunate part of the story is that Baccala’s still closing this Saturday, which - and we think everyone can agree on this - sucks.

In the order in which they appeared:

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And The Truth Comes Out: Baccala, One Last Time