An End To The Olivieri Cheesesteak Feud

While Rick’s Steaks fights it out in court with Reading Terminal Market, the restaurant has patched up another feud. The Inquirer reports that owner Rick Olivieri and estranged cousin and Pat’s King of Steaks owner Frank Olivieri and have settled their trademark lawsuit. There has been bad blood for a while between the South Philly and Center City branches of the family:

“The trademark infringement suit between the cousins was all the more confusing because of the tortuous biological and corporate lineage. Pat’s King of Steaks, The Old Original Still run by the Olivieri Family, is the original sandwich shop opened during the Depression by brothers Pasquale “Pat” and Harry Olivieri. Frank, the owner of Pat’s, is Harry’s grandson. Rick, the owner of Rick’s, is Pat’s grandson. The family line divided when Pat and his son, Herbert, (Rick’s father) moved to expand and created franchises of Pat’s King of Steaks. Ultimately, Pat became more interested in real estate and working as a boxing promoter, and Herbert became a lawyer and active in Republican politics. About 25 years ago, the Olivieris closed the franchises and divided the family business. Harry and his son Frank Sr. (Frank’s father) got the original business in South Philly. Herbert opened in Reading Terminal Market in a business originally named Olivieri’s Prince of Steaks, a play on the fact that he was King Pat’s son.”

But everything’s been all worked out. We doubt they’ll be buddy-buddy at the next family reunion, but hey—it’s an end to one of the great Philadelphia rivalries.

S. Phila. cousins settle steak legacy [Inquirer]

[Photo via Philadelphia Inquirer]

An End To The Olivieri Cheesesteak Feud