Adventures In Wine… In The Philly ‘Burbs

Even suburban restaurants get love from the Inky too — especially since most of their readership lies outside city limits. Craig LaBan traveled to Malvern to try out Cosimo (despite the name, an American restaurant) and found a spot with an impressive wine serving system and generally good food:

“Cosimo’s large horseshoe bar in the front room sports a 40-bottle wine preservation system that allows the restaurant to open high-quality (and often pricey) bottles without worrying about them souring before they’re sold.[…]The beautifully meaty wild striped bass could have used a bit more lime-butter sauce to keep it moist. But the nicely browned scallops had plenty of creamy polenta and warm tomato vinaigrette to lend luscious substance. The moist salmon with bacony lentils and pureed leeks was pure bistro comfort. I even found a chicken and shrimp pasta, which I feared would be a bore, to be completely addictive, the notably tender slow-roasted bird glazed in a cream sauce infused with prosciutto and earthy mushrooms.”

Cosimo [Official Site]
Cosimo [Inquirer]

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Adventures In Wine… In The Philly ‘Burbs