Where The Ballplayers Partied, Or, That Macy Gray Is So Hot Right Now

When it comes to posh lounges, San Francisco just can’t compete with the likes of New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, much to the chagrin of professional athletes everywhere.

So, when the finest baseball players in the world, rife with their millions of dollars, came to the Bay for the yesterday’s All-Star game, we had to wonder, how did they entertain themselves? They certainly didn’t spend all their time looking at the sea lions at Fisherman’s Wharf, right? And the strip clubs on Broadway don’t exactly have a reputation for being, um, high-class.

Luckily, the Chronicle’s Leah Garchik was all over the All-Star party scene. Barry Bonds threw a party at Roe Restaurant, complete with a red carpet and Macy Gray. In attendance were–get this–Mayor Gavin Newsom, Jesse Jackson, Willie “Stretch” McCovey and the greatest Giant of them all, Willie Mays. Not bad for a party tossed by someone being investigated by Congress. The game’s other brightest stars hail from New York, and Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez rented out Bambuddha Lounge for the evening. No word on whether or not Macy Gray also performed there.

Sadly, we did not receive invites to either shindig.

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[Photo courtesy: James Campion]


Where The Ballplayers Partied, Or, That Macy Gray Is So Hot Right Now