Restroom Report

Better Bathrooms: Bette or Butter?

Bette’s “Purist Hatbox” toilet: You break it, you buy it.haha Photo: Daniel Maurer

Consonant rhyme isn’t the only thing Bette and Butter have in common: They’re both owned by impresarios known to cater to the Olsen twins (Amy Sacco and Richie Akiva, respectively); they both have organic, clubby interiors with big murals; and let’s face it, they’re both frequented by the sort of night creatures who know the value of a nice, private bathroom. So just how are those powder rooms?

No peacocks were harmed in the making of the wall on the right.haha
Rating: 3 stars

Concept: Two rooms lined with multicolored tiles resembling TV static.
Privacy: There’s no way around staring at yourself on the pot in the wall-to-ceiling mirror behind the door.
Amenities: The first Purist Hatbox toilet by Kohler. The thunder-gray contraption, which debuted during Fashion Week 2005, retails for almost $5,000 and features a butt rest that’s twelve inches in diameter (you know, for Iman’s fat ass).
Drawbacks: It’s easy to miss the plaque that tells you where the press-button flusher is.
Strategy: Don’t even think about cutting Jeremy Piven if he’s ahead of you in line.

Rating: 1 stars


Concept: Several rooms with frosted-glass doors, each with its own design scheme.

Privacy: Fine if you get a private WC, but none in the small wood-walled cabin where two toilets are side by side.

Amenities: Bath & Body Works hand soap (with green-tea extract and shea butter!) keeps the skin moisturized after you’ve ingested dehydrating substances.

Drawbacks: A bathroom attendant in the hallway.

Strategy: If you need to go in with a friend, lose the attendant by telling him that Lindsay just ran over another paparazzo outside.


Better Bathrooms: Bette or Butter?