Weekend Recap: Wine Country BBQ?

• Michael Bauer lifted his eyes and looked north to Napa’s BarbersQ. The three-star verdict: “It’s obvious from start to finish that Barber and Tartaglia know what they’re doing and are appealing to residents who have grown tired of the endless parade of Italian and French places that have proliferated. Although barbecue is at its core, BarbersQ is best considered a fully realized restaurant that happens to serve some exceptional smoked meats.” [SFGate]

• Several dozens of doughnuts were harmed in Friday’s 4.2 quake. [Examiner]

• Picnic tables and a divey facade are just part of the charm at Thee Parkside. [SFGate]

• A restaurant in New York’s Long Beach community has begun to serve a variation of our very own cioppino. [NY Times]

• What to do with Spaniards? What to do? [Chowhound]

Weekend Recap: Wine Country BBQ?