Weekend Recap: Wine Tasting For All

• Napa can be done on the cheap after all. Among the recommendations for visiting wine country without having to forgo your child’s college savings: stay in the lovely Calistoga, dine where the locals dine, opt for Ad Hoc instead of The French Laundry and so on and so forth. [SFGate]

• But for wine tasting, some recommend skipping the crowded Napa Valley in favor of the Paso Robles region. [Forbes]

Crossroads Cafe gets the Bargain Bites spotlight this week, and for good reason: grilled cheese and tomato on griddled sourdough sounds pretty delicious. [SFGate]

• A new Frjtz opened its doors in the Mission. [Zagat Buzz]

• The California Department of Public Health issued a notice about ginger imported from China, so unless you enjoy pesticides, you probably want to avoid ginger for a bit. [KTVU]

Weekend Recap: Wine Tasting For All