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Because every subgenre of food preparation deserves a clearinghouse, and because those clearinghouses are a one-stop shop of insights into heretofore unknown culinary worlds, we bring you Military Chefs. The website’s stated goal is “EMPOWERING the military chef with the ability to promote their galley/kitchen, training programs, culinary teams, or culinary achievements on a Do-It-Yourself basis using a medium everyone is already familiar with.” But since it’s not a restricted .mil site, even us civilians can get in on the fun.

The site contains an incredible amount of media, from photos of food (like this telling updo of sausage and potatoes) to videos of food service officers carving ice sculptures to recipes that serve 100 or more hungry servicepeople. We were impressed enough to see a recipe for “honey-lime and lavendar basted chicken” that we will forgive their misspelling of the aromatic. It calls for four ounces of dry lavender, for Pete’s sake!

Military Chefs has a newsletter, a chef of the month feature, forums for each service branch, and all the trappings of a robust, early 2000s-era online community. We have a feeling that all this data will come in handy some day, hopefully far in the future.

Military Chefs [Official Site]

[Photo: “This dish of sausage and potatoes were one of the many entrees on sight for the food demonstration portion of the 32nd Army Culinary Arts Competition,” Military Chefs]


Website Of The Week: