Vongerichten Sued Once Again; East Village Cooks Nab Perv

Jean-Georges Vongerichten is being sued by employees from eight of his restaurants, who claim he underpaid them, cheated them of overtime, and made them share tips with bosses. This is the chef’s third suit of the year. [NYDN]

Two East Village cooks spot the serial groper they had previously saved a woman from. [NYP]

Millions of cans of food are literally bursting with botulism, and New York is among the states where the germ bombs have turned up. [Fox News]

Cote d’Or has been open less than a week and has already been renamed Charolais, since the owners plan to serve that French breed of beef and only now have found a reliable supplier. [Eater]
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If you’ve been wanting a reservation at a hot restaurant, August is the time to get it — it’s typically the slowest month in the restaurant business. [NYDN]

Likewise, it’s no problem to get into hot spots like Gemma and Shake Shack once it’s late in the day. But you probably knew that already. [Mouthing Off/Food & Wine]
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Food and cooking videos are big and only getting bigger, as everyone now wants in on the action. [NYDN]

Vongerichten Sued Once Again; East Village Cooks Nab Perv