Vongerichten Sued by Ex-Waiters; Subway Complies With Calorie Law

Six former employees of V Steakhouse file a class-action suit against Jean-Georges Vongerichten for the usual reasons: sub-minimum wage and garnished tips. “We were kind of given the idea that the waitstaff is dispensable, that there were a million people who would come in and do your job.” [NYDN]

Unlike the other fast-food chains, who have adamantly resisted the calorie-posting law, Subway has already started to implement it. [Consumerist]

Healthy zombies should do their best to follow the zombie food pyramid, which calls for six to eleven servings of brains every day, and only sparing amounts of bones and gristle. [Serious Eats]

Daniel Boulud applies for a liquor license for his Bowery location, which will be called — get this — DBGB. [Eater]
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Frank Bruni reflects on Anton Ego, the scary restaurant critic from Ratatouille, and says that he himself is really not like that. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

Arizona Extreme Energy Shot wins a competition among energy drinks, both for its taste (“Coca-Cola gummi candy”) and its effects (“the body may not feel the instant jolt, but will have a more steady rise in energy that won’t lead to a crash”). [NYP]

If you’re really hot and happen to be in Flushing, there are some very cool, very obscure Asian treats that you probably don’t know about. [Gothamist]

Vongerichten Sued by Ex-Waiters; Subway Complies With Calorie Law