TOC Sandwich Issue Creeps Up On Us

Yeah, so yesterday we were all pleased with ourself following the efficient roundup of the past week’s food section offerings, when all of a sudden we realized that TOC had two entirely separate things going on. The first was the normal food section, which we saw, and the second was the SANDWICH ISSUE! which we did not. Oh well, blame our environmentalism for us not picking up the paper edition and seeing what’s what. Somewhere, a little sapling is thanking us by sucking up a wee bit of carbon dioxide, which rather reminds us of how we spent the 4th of July partying. Yeah, we know how to have a good time.

ANYway, the three articles associated with sandwiches are:

The ’wich is back: First course, wherein just short of two dozen Chicago sandwiches are highlighted for their deliciousness and cheapiosity. Everything is represented, from falafel to banh mi to jibarito and back again.

Saga of the sandwich, which is a neat history lesson. Not neat as in, really awesome and cool, but neat like, organized and well put together. Starts with Earl, ends with that whole coyote-in-Quiznos deal.

Here’s looking at jus, on the Italian beef sandwich. Includes both a short glossary and an inscrutable ranking of the best I.B. sandwiches in Chicago.

Meanwhile, LTHForum was initially skeptical that all this stuff about sandwiches was lifted from their pages, and it’s certainly true that the I.B. list at the end reads like a Beefathon. But after a few angry posts, the thread goes back to just talking about the sandwiches themselves, and everyone lived happily ever after.

[Photo: The “Will Special” at Riviera, which contains homemade sopressata, spicy cappicola, fresh mozzarella and giardinera; and imported prosciutto di Parma and salami. It’s $3.50, and this is only half of it! cal222/flickr]


TOC Sandwich Issue Creeps Up On Us