This Instant On The Chicago Food Blogosphere

Chicagoist: A baby-on-board review of The Art of Pizza, declaring it tasty and kid-friendly. We will revisit this, of course, on Monday

Food Chain: At 4757 N Western, a new restaurant called “Pannenkoeken Cafe” is gestating. Prepare yourselves for thin Dutch pancakes

TOC Blog: Last night, a new bar called Relax opened up at 1450 W Chicago. They have spiked milkshakes!

Drive Thru: A recipe for, and lovely picture of, lemon basil sorbet. The instructions say any citrus would do, so maybe lime instead? Or kumquat!

The Stew: Primary source material (a representatively pithy restaurant shutdown press release) from Daley’s Dumpster Task Force. A good read with decent insight


This Instant On The Chicago Food Blogosphere