The Worst Restaurant Review Ever

If you think American food critics savage restaurants, than you have not read the British press lately. We never saw any restaurant ever get a bad review like this one in London. Bloom’s seems to serve the same Jewish/Eastern European cuisine as the Famous Fourth Street Delicatessen and Kibitz in the City. We think a description of the restaurant’s mural says it all:

“In comes something in rainbow shades depicting the wandering of the Jews through the desert. It has odd touches, not least that Moses appears to be holding the Ten Commandments at the mouth of the divided Red Sea as the children of Israel trail away into the distance, leaving him behind. Perhaps they had worked out where he was taking them for dinner and were trying to escape.”

Hmm… Maybe next time we’re in London we’ll just go to the Brick Lane Beigel Bake instead.

Jay Rayner reviews Blooms [The Observer]


The Worst Restaurant Review Ever