Colors Workers Rebel; Whole Foods Getting Into Craft Beer

The workers of Colors, originally envisioned as a co-op for orphaned Windows on the World employees, have sued the restaurant and the advocacy group that runs it, claiming that in fact none of them actually own any part of it. [NYP]
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Whole Foods will be opening up a craft-beer bar with tap brews sold in carryout growlers — in September. [NYS]

Animal activism has come of age, which is good news for calves, old hogs, and other unlucky beings that might otherwise be facing unspeakable fates. [NYT]

UWS Peruvian standby Flor de Mayo joins the list of restaurants to be sued by employees fed up with illegal pay and working conditions. But this time the deliverymen are suing to the tune of $500,000. [NYDN]

Ken Friedman’s seafood-driven sister restaurant to the Spotted Pig will now be called the John Dory, and former Gilt pastry chef Nick Morgenstern finally finds a new home at Cookshop. [NYT]
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Nick Morgenstern Rips Gilt a New One

Cheap Ass Food, a photo-driven hipster food site, has just launched in beta mode. [Eat for Victory/VV]

Waiters probably make more than you suspect, but just how much remains pretty much a mystery. Unless, of course, you subscribe to, a site devoted to professional waitering. [NYP]

Butter chef Alex Guarnaschelli likes the sustainable-food movement, but she also likes Funyons. [Restaurant Girl]

Acclaimed Virginia toque Fabio Trabocchi is taking over as executive chef at Fiamma. [WP]

Colors Workers Rebel; Whole Foods Getting Into Craft Beer