The New Medicine Eat Station

The city’s foremost vegan/organic/shojin-style eatery, Medicine Eat Station, is back from its temporary hiatus with a vengeance. The new, shorter menu has retained some of the greatest hits from past incarnations as well as adding some new items. For the early scoop, here’s what Chow had to say on the updated version of Medicine:

Medicine New-Shojin Eatstation, the recently updated San Francisco restaurant, has retained its New Age-y air (the “loving-kindness to your body” motto; dishes with names like “clarity”), but the revised Japanese-inspired menu now includes prawns and fish (the only “animal ingredients” available). We scarfed down our soboro tofu rice bowl (ginger-chile-simmered tofu, seasonal veggies, shiitake mushrooms, and nine-grain rice) on our first visit, and our curry tofu rice bowl (fried tofu, steamed greens and seasonal veggies, curry sauce, nine-grain rice) on our second. But the pickled vegetables pickled our pucker … Chowhounds ding Medicine New-Shojin Eatstation for its relatively high prices, but they advocate it for something different, a good place for mushroom-seekers and vegetarians.

In our opinion, Medicine is still (relatively) undiscovered, hiding out on the third floor of the Crocker Galleria, but the food is first-rate, albeit a bit, well, masochistic. Can Medicine challenge Cafe Gratitude for the title of the best “pure food” destination? We shall see. We. Shall. See.

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[Photo courtesy: Medicine Official Site ]

The New Medicine Eat Station