The Best Hole In The Wall Restaurants

Our favorite list and map blog, the always fun Gridskipper, has released a short list of San Francisco’s best hole-in-the-wall restaurants. The list of six includes Split Pea Seduction (representing the ritz and glamour that is Sixth Street), Specs 12 Adler Museum, Connecticut Yankee, Sam Woh, Ryoko and Emmy’s Spaghetti Shack.

We can’t argue with the picks, but since we also have a penchant for diving, we’ve got a couple additions:

Saigon Sandwiches: There must be a bahn mi place on the list and SS is our choice for a spicy combo sandwich.

Jai Yun: Yes, it’s expensive. Yes, it’s unlike the others on the list, but fits the moniker of “hole in the wall” restaurant (but not “dive”). It’s one of those places you wouldn’t know about unless you knew.

Java House: Not so much a whole in the wall as a shack on the pier, Java House has been serving up burgers, dogs and beer to its faithful for as long we remember.

Yamo: The Burmese gem on 18th and Mission has developed quite the following, particularly on Chowhound.

• Delicious Mission taqueria of your choice. It’s not a dive list unless there’s a Mexican joint somewhere.

What other hole in the wall places should be on the list? We welcome your comments. For more dives, check out Dive, the best food blog for local holes in the wall.

SF’s Best Hole in the Wall Restaurants [Gridskipper SF]

[Photo courtesy: the conspicuously absent Dive]

The Best Hole In The Wall Restaurants