The Awesomeness Of Tiffin

NoLibs Indian standard bearer Tiffin Store just got reviewed by Craig LaBan. Now, Craig spends the first five grafs of the article describing an Indian restaurant he misses that closed… And then goes on to say that Tiffin is even better. But, c’mon, Minar Palace is gone. We just have to accept that. Besides, Tiffin knows their stuff:

“The restaurant’s many excellent vegetarian selections were also bolstered with a well-rounded tingle, though the chickpeas of chana masala were brightened with pomegranate seeds. And my favorites - the malai kofta vegetarian fritters in cashew cream, and the slow-cooked black lentil daal makhni - were memorable for their luxurious savor.Such hearty stews are the reason Indian cuisine translates so well in delivery. But some things are still better served fresh in the restaurant dining room. Like the onion bhaji fritters, which are still crisp and lacy inside their delicate chickpea flour crusts. Or the refreshingly crunchy aloo papri chaat salad that layers lentil wafers and snappy chickpeas beneath cool streaks of sour white yogurt, herby mint chutney, and tangy sweet tamarind sauce.”

Besides, they deliver to Center City (and the Main Line) too. Next up: Tiffin owner Munish Narula plans to open a downstairs chai salon/Indian grocery and video store. Awesome.

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The Awesomeness Of Tiffin