Taxing The TOC: Lobos Al Fresco Tacos & Tapsilog At Iba Pa

Yeah, we don’t have either of those menus. They won’t even pick up the phone! Just as well: Lobos Al Fresco Tacos, according to David Tamarkin, churns out high quality, relatively sophisticated Mexican food that’s a trifle…flavorless. Everything is subtle and lacking in punch. This might be fine at a Polish buffet, but does not do at all for the cuisine that’s been honing its use of spice for over 1500 years.

Meanwhile, Michael Nagrant is worried about the future of Tapsilog At Iba Pa (surely not because people can’t remember the name), a Rogers Park Filipino joint that doesn’t get much traffic. Maybe if they answered the phone and sent us their menu, things would pick up! Probably not. But the pictures in this LTHForum post look pretty appetizing, if you need proof of the restaurant’s worthiness of your attention.

Three other things we like:

1) Michigan sour cherries are here!

2) The Violet Hour, a speakeasy in the old Del Toro space, is so cool that they’re not even releasing a phone number. In the olden days (i.e. three years ago), when they opened these sorts of things in New York, they didn’t even give out the addresses. Or the names. You kids have it easy! Cocktails will be awesome, though.

3) We talked about Sepia yesterday, but we had no idea about their sick interior until Heather Shouse threw up a picture of it. Holy crap, that should be in a movie!

[Photo: or just pick your own, Fruit Acre Farm Market & U-Pick]


Taxing The TOC: Lobos Al Fresco Tacos & Tapsilog At Iba Pa