Tallying TOC: Chaise Lounge & Vice, Country Fairs & Dive Bars

This is a dense edition of the TOC food section, with tons of restaurant name-dropping. Let’s get started:

The two reviews this week are for Chaise Lounge, which David Tamarkin found to be woefully underperforming in food quality and concept coherence, and Vice, whose upscale lounge persona is not nearly as interesting as its delicious new American small plates persona, according to Heather Shouse. There are also two briefs on brand new restaurants The Bluebird and Il Fiasco.

Where would our lives be without lists? Certainly, more verbose and less organized. There are lists galore in this week’s section, about dive bars, county fairs, and Mexican beer hotspots (we’re most impressed with this last one, a list of things we didn’t even realize necessitated a list until this very moment).

Finally, two au courant ingredients for you: juvenile squash and sockeye salmon. Mmm…

[Photo: reef-netted lummi island sockeye salmon, slow roasted in a zucchini flower with purple basil threads, borage blossoms and zucchini worms (!), peter_r/flickr]


Tallying TOC: Chaise Lounge & Vice, Country Fairs & Dive Bars