Souping Up The Sun-Times: Intelligensia & Bonsoiree

This week’s Sun-Times food section is editor Sue Ontiveros’s last. You did a great job, Sue! Anyway, her farewell article is a short list of suggestion of how the food industry could better serve customers, and some of the ideas have merit (e.g., mini loaves of sliced bread).

But the main thing going on is a pair of proprietor profiles, one from today (Doug Zell of Intelligentsia Coffee), and one from yesterday (Shin Thompson of Bonsoiree). Both good reads; certainly the most useful part for our lives is a tip from Zell about not refrigerating coffee after opening, and instead, keeping it in an airtight container in the dark. Like potatoes! Oh, and one more thing about coffee. All your favorite restaurants use Intelligentsia, and here’s a list of the blends that restaurants like Avec, Charlie Trotter’s, and Frontera Grill use.

Best new food: well, it’s neither new nor a food, but Lisa Donovan has an explainer on the cocktail known as the Dark ‘n’ Stormy, which consists of dark rum, ginger beer (not ale), and lime juice. The article has a few suggestions on where to buy the ginger beer, although not as many as it seems - two paragraphs are repeated twice! (Actually, once.) That’s okay, Sue, we don’t care.

[Photo: DnS, travelgirl]


Souping Up The Sun-Times: Intelligensia & Bonsoiree