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Slipping Into Summer via Beer, Barbecue, and Gardens

Under the big top at Provence.
Under the big top at Provence.haha Photo: RJ Mickelson/Veras for New York Magazine

With July 4 behind us and a heat wave upon us, the magazine kicks into full summer mode this week. Adam Platt sips rosé in the garden room of the retooled Provence, the Insatiable Critic goes for gazpacho julienne at Park Avenue Summer, and the Robs introduce us to a trio of brand-new summer spots — a barbecue joint, a fish restaurant, and a beer bar — along with the offerings of the new Essex Street Market. Also, there’s news of a pizza boomlet — because some food is season-proof.

Old standby Provence has been given new life by the owners of Five Points and Cookshop — Adam Platt is there to bask in the “warm, fuzzy bonhomie.” [Provence Redux]

Gael Greene visits the AvroKO-designed Park Avenue Summer, which will change names and themes with the season. So far, so good. [Insatiable Critic: Park Avenue Summer]

One-stop shoppers will appreciate this salad recipe incorporating boutique crops from Rick Bishop’s Mountain Sweet Berry Farm. [In Season: Sucrine]

The Robs uncover the Diamond, a new beer geek’s bar in Greenpoint that has shuffleboard, yet another Harlem barbecue joint (this one helmed by a pitmaster who has served Whitney Houston and the Duchess of York), and a fancy (for Second Avenue) spot from a master of cooking whole fish. [Restaurant Openings]

Gentrification-phobes can rest assured, the additions to Lower East Side’s favorite market are welcome ones. [Where to Eat at the Essex Street Market]

Whether in a former synagogue or up the stairs from a Chinatown alley, slice joints are popping up all over the place. [Parlor Game]

Slipping Into Summer via Beer, Barbecue, and Gardens