Silk City: This Food Is Kind Of Good!

So the reopened Silk City Diner is making all the NoLibs residents and post-2nd Street barhoppers very happy. Even if they aren’t serving breakfast as of yet, their menu is getting pretty good reviews. Except, as per Rick Nichols, it’s not really diner food:

So, no, he’s not turning out your usual diner fare; none of that yellow, bagged gravy-glop here. And no mushy frozen fries (they’re hand cut), or store-bought flatbread for the Mediterranean special tonight. Dunmire patted a mound of sticky dough rising in a bowl like a baby’s tummy. Later, it would be flattened and grilled, topped with the plum tomatoes roasting in the oven, some grilled onion, and curried lamb tenderloin.[…]But, no, Silk City is no longer a diner by any conventional measure, unless you count San Francisco’s Fog City Diner (with its mac and gouda cheese) or Brooklyn’s trendy Relish as “diners.”

We’d have to disagree. There’s nothing in the rulebook saying diners have to serve poor quality food. Silk City still has hamburgers, friench fries and classics like meatloaf and roast chicken like before; there just happens to be a bit more on the menu though. A diner serving from-scratch food with attention in the kitchen? Bring it on.

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Silk City: This Food Is Kind Of Good!