Seedy Slice Joint May Have Been Outed by Hotel Developer

Step right in for a grind and a slice.
Step right in for a grind and a slice.haha Photo: Mark Peterson/Redux

We’re no strangers to the culinary offerings of gents’ clubs, so we were a bit confused when last week the local news got its thong in a bunch over the fact that at Cordato’s Deli Bar you can get some lap-dance lovin’ near the pizza oven. After all, we named Cordato’s our Best Dive Bar last year — why the sudden “investigative report”? It’s just a theory, but Robert Kremer, owner of the neighboring Pussycat Lounge, believes the timing may have had something to do with Über-developer Sam Chang’s plan to demolish the 1700s-era buildings on the block so he can build a luxury hotel.

“Cordato’s has been doing this for years,” he says. “The Police Department is right around the corner from us, and they never do anything. I’m sure it came from the developer.” Kremer says that both his establishment and Cordato’s have had an unprecedented spate of visits from the Health and Fire departments lately. “[The owner of Cordato’s] was crying to me this morning that he had the Fire Department in there three times last week.” In the last three months, says Kremer, the Pussycat, which doesn’t serve food, has had four Health Department inspections, resulting in fines of $3,000. “It was the same inspector there five times. [The inspector] said it was the developer that complained but they had to go out anyway.” Kremer is attempting to get his building landmarked and is suing Chang because he says the developer purchased the building wrongfully. Those of us who like a little grit with our grub hope he comes out on top.

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Seedy Slice Joint May Have Been Outed by Hotel Developer