Scanning The Menu: Fish Tacos

Sometimes, you have cravings. We know this. Hence: Scanning the Menu, a new feature where the MenuPages Blog (and our trusty Find-A-Food search) will do all the leg work for you. Every week or so, we’ll highlight a particular crave-worthy dish and illuminate restaurants around the city where you can indulge in it. Suggestions always welcome. This week: fish tacos.

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s summer, and from our several years of Los Angeles living, we can’t think of many more quintessentially summer food items than fish tacos. They’re light, refreshing and cheap, yet simultaneously satiate your cravings for greasy fried food and/or Mexican food. It’s almost as if fish tacos are some sort of super food.

We digress.

For some reason, first-class fish tacos (despite their southern California copiousness and their easy preparation) are oddly scarce in the Bay Area. But there are delicious–though maybe not as good as our southern neighbors–fish tacos to be found in th city. So, with the help of our handy Find-A-Food apparatus, we’re going fish taco-ing, after the jump. Join us, would you?

La Corneta Taqueria ($3.50): You have the option of grilled prawns or grilled salmon. Plus, for a dollar more, they’ll load on beans, rice, meat, cheese, cucumber, sour cream, lettuse, tomato and salsa. Which is a lot.

Circolo: They usually aren’t on the regular dinner menu, but Circolo’s tempura fish tacos (with aji amarillo) grace the Happy Hour menu; you’d be hard-pressed to find a better deal in town than the trendy Mission spot’s dollar tacos.

Taylor’s Automatic Refresher ($9.99): The price tag may or may not surprise you, based on your familiarity with the Ferry Building, but Taylor’s puts out a pretty good grilled mahi mahi version. Plus, the cilantro sour cream will leave cilantrophiles wanting more.

Nick’s Crispy Tacos ($3.25): Nick represents SoCal well with his “pescado baja style fried fish” with lime mayo. And they ain’t soft.

Fresca: We had to put at least one upscale place on the list. Fresca’s tacos feature battered and fried Mahi Mahi over soft corn tortillas, avocado Peruvian chile Aioli, cabbage and pickled onions with canario beans

[Photo courtesy: iExplore]

Scanning The Menu: Fish Tacos