San Francisco’s Green Restaurants: Way Ahead Of The Curve

In yesterday’s post on Between Meals, Chronicle food god Michael Bauer waxes poetic on the Bay Area’s progressive nature when it comes to sustainable fish and organic produce. As he points out, this is a big deal elsewhere in the United States, but not so much in the Bay, where it’s not all that unusual.

More notable is the new movement of “going green,” and how the movement is not just limited to high-profile restaurants (he gives the example of Acme Chophouse), but also the little guys. Green restaurants don’t limit their special ways to the dining room. According to Thimmakka, they ” produce less air pollution, help reduce health care costs, use less paper, cut down less trees, help reduce our landfill fees, and use less toxic chemicals at their facilities.” Official green restaurants are recognizable by the special logo (above right) in the window or door.

For those of you interested, here’s the complete list of Thimmakka Certified Green Restaurants and here are the San Francisco representatives:

Acre Cafe
Blondie’s Bar
City Blend Cafe
Crissy Fields Center Cafe
La Cocina
Ramblas Tapas Bar
San Miguel Restaurant
Taste of the Himalayas
Warming Hut Restaurant
White Star

Thimmakka Certified Green Restaurants [Official Site]
The Bay Area’s Green pastures [Between Meals]

San Francisco’s Green Restaurants: Way Ahead Of The Curve