Saluting The Sun-Times: Bluprint & Summer Fun

This week’s Sun-Times reminds us that July 4th is not the end of summer, and we still have through August to enjoy that which the heat brings us.

Jennifer Olvera writes up a list of outdoor dining tips like the rooftop garden at NoMI. Chuck Sudo, going legit with a print piece, fills the populace in on summer beer options (i.e. not Coors Light), while Lisa Donovan has the scoop on a great little summer pepper, the sweet and spicy Peppadew.

Meanwhile, most of us spend most of our summers cooped up inside offices. This really defeats the purpose of summer, and it would be just as well if spring continued through July and fall started in August. But anyway, back to office workers. Let’s say you spend nine waking hours a day in the Merch Mart. Good news for you! Now there’s a fancy, all-day restaurant option right in house called bluprint. Denise O’Neal is excited about their wagyu burger with bloody mary ketchup, and who can blame her? But what doesn’t excite Ms. O’Neal are the watery Boca meatless breakfast wraps. Yeah, gross - better to go hungry.

[Photo: peppadew, 1800gourmet]


Saluting The Sun-Times: Bluprint & Summer Fun