Riding The Reader: La Pomme Rouge, Chaise Lounge, Vice

Jeez, why is the Reader’s food section the same theme as the Trib’s was yesterday? Not that it’s even possible to say which one was written first, but there must be something in the air.

So yes, fancy lounges. Anne Spiselman and Heather Kenny hit the night and come back with reports on La Pomme Rouge, Chaise Lounge and Vice. By the way, we are pleased that people are finally starting to call it “Vice” instead of “V.I.C.E”; the latter was the pre-opening name, and we’re supremely anal about this sort of thing.

LPR is a romantic place, or at least wants to be with its heavy fabrics and dim lighting. Not just romantic, but daring and dashing: they’re serving foie gras torchons, and allowing them to be written about! Not that a $250 fine would sting much in the face of a $300 osetra service. Chaise is not deserving of all the negative reviews it’s been garnering on the internet, says Ms. Kenny, and instead serves perfectly competent, often quite enjoyable dishes like a nifty mussel bisque called Billi-bi. Vice, at least in this review, sounds quite a bit like LPR, serving similarly rich small plates and plenty of caviar. Like Ms. Spiselman, we don’t see the appeal of allowing smoking in a lounge that is trying to highlight its delicate and expensive food. But there’s an outside area, which should at least keep people smoke free through the summer.

Lounges aren’t really our thing, but it sounds like any of these three have the potential to host enjoyable and tasty evenings. Just bring lots and lots of money.

Three Luxe Lounges [Reader]

La Pomme Rouge [Official Site]

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Chaise Lounge [Official Site]

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[Photo: we don’t get it, LBCapt/flickr]


Riding The Reader: La Pomme Rouge, Chaise Lounge, Vice