Representin’ The Reader: Il Covo, Punta Cana, Halsted’s

Today is a good day, because we have the menus for all these restaurants. Do let’s:

Martha Bayne goes to Il Covo, which has improved since the management changed some interval of time ago. Now it’s all about rustic Sardinian cooking, which everyone loves, although the prices are still too high. Tweaking continues apace.

Anne Spiselman saunters up to Punta Cana, a Dominican that we Opening’d last week. We were prescient to pimp the red snapper in coconut sauce, which Spiselman tags as the “highlight” of the meal. The fish was “fried (but not greasy)…decorated with thin lime slices, set off by a subtle coconut sauce, and accompanied by grilled vegetables as well as rice and peas.” Also, it’s BYOB4EVA, so be sure to pick up a sixer of Presidentes on your way in.

Rob Christopher is down with Halsted’s Bar & Grill, whose onion rings he goes so far as to call “something Philip K. Dick might have invented as the perfect drug.” While we’re usually pained to betray ignorance, we’re also intrigued by food analogies that go over our head. Anyway, the Boystown bar in the old X/O spot is shaping up to be a go-to spot in the ‘hood, which just might have something to do with their effective monopoly on video jukeboxes in the area. P.S. service is slow.

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Representin’ The Reader: Il Covo, Punta Cana, Halsted’s