¡Promoción!: 40th Anniversary Appetizers At Pepe’s

We got an email promoting two special appetizers that commemorate Pepe’s fortieth anniversary. Forty years! That’s exciting. Let’s see what our present is:

We weren’t really sure what either of those things are, so we called up the company, and lo and behold, they connected us to the president! We’re so awed by power that we’re not even going to say anything snarky. Instead, a straight explication of the dishes.

The “El Presidente” is half an order of queso fundido con chorizo over tortilla chips, served with steak, beans and more cheese, and the “Carne Asada Tacos Chicos” are four small corn or flour tortillas with carne asada, topped with pico de gallo and served with guacamole.

Actually, we guess you can make most of that out from the pictures, but here are three things you didn’t know.

1) The suggested retail price for each is $6.95

2) They’re available for the month of August only

3) They’re to be served primarily at the full-service suburban locations, as opposed to the “inner city” storefronts

Sorry, urbanites - looks like you’ll have to hoof it.

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¡Promoción!: 40th Anniversary Appetizers At Pepe’s